Innovation Challenge Winners

HH Angus’ Innovation Hub recently issued a challenge to staff in the form of an engineering contest: redesign our head office building in Toronto to improve energy and carbon efficiency. But there was a catch - the redesign wasn’t in Toronto!

Participants formed multi-disciplinary teams, and each team chose a different international city; they were then tasked with redesigning our HQ building within the context of that location. The challenge required the presentation of well-researched low-carbon solutions supported by business case rationales to reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort. Team proposals were judged on innovative building design, improved energy efficiency, elimination of GHGs, and adherence to the budget, as well as creativity and clarity.

Teams were also encouraged to incorporate smart building ideas, wellness features to improve human health and wellbeing, and to come up with innovative uses for and improvements to the building’s parking area. At stake were cash prizes and bragging rights!