New Leadership Appointments

HH Angus recently adopted a number of important organizational changes to the firm’s leadership. These changes support HH Angus’ continued growth and the opportunities presented. This is an important evolution in the leadership team, as it provides opportunities for employees to grow professionally, assume new responsibilities, and contribute to our shared endeavour.

The individuals involved, together with the full HH Angus technical and corporate leadership, embody our values and growth-oriented mindset, and ensure that we provide client-centric and responsive service to our clients.

Here is a summary of the recent organizational changes:

Tom Halpenny takes on the newly created role of Executive Vice President, expanding his existing focus on Risk Management, as well as taking a lead role in optimizing our P3 pursuits.

Nick Stark also assumes the new role of Executive Vice President, leading the firm’s expansion in Vancouver and throughout Western Canada, as well as focusing on growing our Sustainable Engineering services. 

Kevin O’Neill takes over the role of Vice President of Operations, with responsibility for day-to-day management of business operations, including the Project Management Office. Kevin’s focus is on improving the efficiency of current operations, supporting resource allocation, aligning skills development to project and client needs, and engaging with our clients across the firm. Kevin continues to manage our Commercial Division. 

Megan Angus assumes the new role of Vice President of Strategy and Digital Services, responsible for effective implementation and management of our strategic planning and initiatives to ensure the firm achieves its growth objectives. In addition, Megan leads the ongoing development of our Digital Services initiative – a growing service area, as well as management of our Angus Connect Division.

Rod Mons takes on the new role of Vice President of Technology and Technical Services, leading our ongoing development of Technology, Data Governance and Knowledge, Learning & Skill Development. Rod also continues to help drive our geographic expansion initiatives and the growth of our mission critical sector.

Craig Sievenpiper takes over the role of Division Director, Technology. He continues to build on 20+ years of leadership with HH Angus and to drive the continued growth in this division. 

Phil Schuyler takes on the role of Director, Energy Division, building on his success as a trusted advisor to clients, technical leader, and excellent team manager. 

Nira Kugan assumes the role of Director of Finance and Accounting, leading the team to manage the important financial work that helps us achieve our strategic goals.

Adrienne Cressman rejoins HH Angus in the new role of Director, Project Management Office. She is working with the Operations team to enhance the firm’s project management skills. Returning to us from 8+ years on the client side, Adrienne provides insight into developing and implementing best practices to suit individual client needs.

Congratulations to this group of professionals who continue to provide exceptional leadership and are committed to supporting the success of our clients and creating exciting and meaningful opportunities for our employees’ growth and career development.