On April 30, we’re taking time to recharge

Plugging usb cable in hand with low battery symbol. Tired human concept. Recharging energy.

COVID-19 has been pressing down on everyone for over a year now. We are fortunate and grateful to have continued our business operations throughout the pandemic, but the fact is that the health, social and workload stressors brought on by the pandemic do eventually take a toll.

That’s why HH Angus is collectively taking a well-deserved day off on April 30th – our own corporate ‘Relief Day’. It’s not that we need permission to take a day off, (we’re quite flexible that way); it’s more about appreciating what employees are going through and recognizing that emotional, mental and physical well-being is important.

So, on April 30th, our offices across Canada will be closed for the day as we encourage employees to rest, relax and recharge. For our clients and project partners – rest assured that there will no impact to the work we are doing with you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your HH Angus project leader.

We’ll be back on May 3rd, re-energized and ready!