Paul Isaac on CHP Panel at APPrO

On November 19, 2014, HH Angus’ - Paul Isaac will be a panelist for an energy generation discussion on “CHP – poised for a resurgence in Ontario?”

From APPrO  – the Association of Power Producers of Ontario: “The prospects for CHP (Combined Heat and Power technology) have rarely been better in Ontario: Improving economics, and the widening recognition that CHP can help to meet objectives for urban resiliency, grid reliability and environmental sustainability, have created the potential for a groundswell of new development. Experts identify the key obstacles to building capacity and how they are being addressed.”

Paul Isaac will be addressing “How new technology can be used to help mitigate short circuit fault capacity issues.”  Paul Isaac, ing., P. Eng., is a senior electrical engineer and a principal at HH Angus and Associates.

Panel:  “CHP – poised for a resurgence in Ontario?” 1:00 pm, Metro Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, ON – Nov. 19, 2014

The 26th Anniversary of Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre takes place on November 18 & 19, 2014.  For more information on this event, please click here to visit the APPrO website