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A podcast focused on all things engineering, design and technology for the built environment.

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Our Expanding the Possible podcast explores how technology, engineering and design can improve on how we design and construct the built environment – shaping better communities and outcomes for societies and the planet.

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Scott Bentley

Scott Bentley

Scott is a Manager and Software Engineer/Building Information Management (BIM) Developer in the Digital Services team at HH Angus. He has well over a decade of experience in the AEC industry and, leads a team of junior developers in the planning, roadmapping, developing, implementing, deployment and training of a complex range of industry-focused tools.

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Augusto Valdivia

Augusto Valdivia

Augusto is an Amazon Web Services (AWS)-DevOps specialist in HH Angus’ Digital Services team. He develops and designs resilient, secure, and scalable cloud architecture, predominantly on AWS technology, with responsibilities for hands-on building infrastructure as code, cost saving plans, security plans, as well as managing the firm’s AWS organization.

Akira Jones

Akira Jones

Akira is Director, Digital Services and a Mechanical Engineer at HH Angus, with well over a decade of experience in the AEC industry. He considers it a privilege to lead HH Angus’ digital services team, which specializes in BIM processes and software, 3D scanning and Scan-to-BIM, as well as IoT, Digital Twinning, and AWS Cloud Consulting Services.

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