ARMS Post-Secondary

Insights for Better Space Performance

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Building Automation Systems

Leverage Building Systems Data

  • Existing system data acquisition
  • BAS/Lighting Control/other
  • Custom 2D/3D Dashboards / data visualization
  • Microgrid energy reporting

Many organizations struggle with siloed data sets from legacy building systems such as BAS or lighting control systems. We work with clients to unlock their building data to gain new insights ranging from meeting air change rates, creating 3D heat maps using data from lighting control systems, and identifying faults in the BAS system (eg, from dysfunctional sensors). Many organizations can leverage their building systems data in new ways without major upgrades to their infrastructure.


Optimizing Space

  • Occupancy insights (sensor-based minute-hour resolution)
  • Optimize classroom utilization
  • Graduate student office occupancy
  • Lecture Hall usage
  • Laboratory utilization

As post-secondary institutions respond to increasing funding pressures, they have a greater need to better understand how their space is being utilized. Using a variety of technologies, HH Angus has implemented bespoke solutions for presence data acquisition and visualization that help universities and colleges optimize their various spaces, as well as assist them to understand when and how these spaces are being utilized and the potential for repurposing spaces.

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Realizing Your Goals

  • ESG reporting / GHG reduction
  • Energy savings
  • Occupant wellness

Sustainability and GHG/carbon reduction are top of mind for many organizations. In partnership with our Energy Division, the ARMS team can gather baseline energy and utility consumption, create a GHG/carbon reduction master plan, and validate results post-project to ensure your goals and internal mandates are being met.

Many post-secondary institutions include buildings of various ages with building systems from different vendors. Integrating the desired data without upgrading legacy building systems can be a daunting task for facility managers. Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to gather data from any system into a cloud-based data lake, including microgrid systems, IoT and building systems. We work with clients to improve reporting on existing infrastructure without the addition of controls hardware.