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Angus Remote Management Systems (ARMS)

Optimizing your building assets with real-time data and insights to empower strategic decision making.

Superior decision making gives you control over ROI

The marketplace of software and tools for building owners and property managers is highly fragmented resulting in a lack of ability to see the “whole picture” along with context and insights. Some of the challenges building owners typically experience with traditional real estate asset optimization tools include:

  • Siloed or incompatible data sets

  • Lack of centralized dashboards for managing, visualizing and tracking building performance data across your portfolio

  • Insufficient integration between building systems and software platforms
  • Managing access to geographically dispersed sites

  • Non-standardized reporting/metrics across the real estate portfolio

How Does ARMS Shift the Landscape?

ARMS is a software solution that simplifies the processes inherent in managing a building portfolio. ARMS enables real-time performance, identifies key metrics, manages building access and monitors heating/cooling equipment and assets in a single platform. The result is a complete picture of your asset portfolio and the key decision points you need to focus on.

ARMS, at its core, is an adaptable software that gathers data from sensor rich environments. It provides a single-pane-of-glass access to data sets such as room occupancy, space utilization, BAS data, security, occupant comfort factors (temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, etc.) and more.

Key ARMS Benefits

Increase employee productivity through better insights by connecting siloed data sets

Reduce on-site time for vendors and property management staff

Optimize your real estate footprint through data driven decisions

ESG reporting data in real time

ARMS unlocks the value in your business’ existing data so that you can discover opportunities to transform your real estate portfolio and start making better decisions.

Use Cases


Presence Monitoring, Building Automation Systems, Remote Asset Monitoring, Remote Access, Sustainability


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Presence Monitoring, Building Automation Systems, Utility Metering, Sustainability


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Light Industrial

Building Automation Systems, Utility Metering, Remote Asset Monitoring, Remote Access, Sustainability


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Building Automation Systems, Sustainability




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Telecom Utilities


Remote Asset Monitoring, Remote Access




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Our Approach Targets Value Driven Data Inside your Building Assets

We take pride in creating innovative solutions that solve our clients’ biggest challenges. We accomplish this through our robust methodology to develop use cases that drive real value for any organization. We will initiate every project with a review of your business goals, workflows, and assessing your current digital landscape.

Our goal is to identify your pain points and provide a solution that fits your business seamlessly.







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We work with any data from any source

We are not affiliated with any software or hardware distributors. We accept no compensation or commission from any supplier. By taking this approach, our ethics are clear and we are unencumbered in designing the best solutions for each client. Our objective is always to provide the most appropriate data collection solution to meet our client’s goals.


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