Digital Strategy and Planning

ICAT Strategy, Planning & Roadmaps

Information, Communication and Automation Technology (ICAT) encompasses a variety of solutions which enhance day-to-day operations and support your enterprise strategy, from real-time location systems and smart buildings to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. In today’s increasingly connected environment, a comprehensive ICAT strategy helps get the most out of technology investments by ensuring that projects are aligned with your organizational goals and supported by robust foundational IT infrastructure. Our proven methodology helps clients make smart technology investments while working within budget and time constraints, backed by the technical expertise of our consultants who bring real-world design and implementation experience.


Day-in-the-Life Visioning

As a supplement to an ICAT strategy, a Day-in-the-Life scenario depicts how people will interact with the proposed systems in a real-life journey through the organization. This becomes a valuable planning tool for communicating the impact of various technologies in the context of the staff members and stakeholders who will use them, explaining how and why the ICAT solutions work together, and improving engagement, buy-in and adoption.


Business Case Analysis

While strategy takes a high level approach to ICAT planning, business case analysis provides a deeper understanding of the costs, benefits and return on investment (ROI) of a specific project or technology solution. Our consultants analyze the operational and financial impact of a potential investment while considering product lifecycles, maintenance, support, and future technology evolution to develop a comprehensive business case for investment. Our unbiased and analytical approach means clients can rely on our support to make evidence-based decisions which are backed by strong technical expertise.

Workflow Mapping & Process Improvement

Leveraging Lean methodology and business best practices, our workflow mapping and process improvement consultancy brings clients closer to achieving their business objectives, whether they are cost efficiency, staff optimization, quality improvement or client satisfaction. Our process improvement toolkit has helped clients in a multitude of industries create the basis for a digital transformation which aligns with both organizational priorities and best practices.


Change Management, Operational Readiness, Governance & Communications

While digital transformation creates an opportunity to vastly improve workflows, efficiency, safety and client satisfaction, the significant impact to staff is an often overlooked component of such an operational change. Our consultants evaluate an organization’s readiness to change, identify the magnitude of change that each technology will bring to workflows and processes, and develop plans that leverage strategies such as champions of change, training, and go-live support to ease the transition and improve technology adoption.


Benefits Evaluation & Post Occupancy Review

Given the significant investment required for most capital projects, it is good business practice to evaluate whether the systems are making the intended impact – particularly when digital systems drive operations and business outcomes. Our service identifies the key financial and operational performance indicators and tracks those metrics following occupancy, allowing clients to better understand how the actual outcomes compared with the proposed benefits and which strategies might optimize system performance for the long term.