Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Infrastructure

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure

Buildings today rely on complex technology and systems to allow for efficient operations and productivity. Our consultants and engineers combine technology expertise with practical knowledge of building design to create flexible supporting infrastructure and systems that can be easily upgraded to accommodate our clients’ changing needs and the availability of new technology. 


We provide a range of services to help clients with technology planning, design and integration, including Information Management and Information Technology (IMIT) Planning and Design, Security, Network Infrastructure, Audiovisual, and Communications. 

Electronic Security Systems

In today’s digital and connected world, electronic security systems must stay one step ahead of evolving and increasingly complex threats. These critical solutions depend on reliable, scalable, and integrated architecture to protect the people, buildings and assets they are designed to defend. Our security designers carefully consider all aspects of the facility to ensure the video surveillance, access controls, intrusion detection, emergency alarm and other security systems work cohesively to deliver secure and reliable protection.  


Audiovisual Systems

Immersive audiovisual systems bring a new dimension to meeting spaces through seamlessly integrated technologies which combine high quality audio and video reproduction, effortless remote conferencing, high definition media streaming, and integrated environmental control. From intimate huddle spaces to large auditoriums and conference facilities, our AV specialists work with clients to create intuitive and dynamic audiovisual experiences for their employees and customers.


Integration Planning

Seamlessly connected ICAT systems work together to create an intelligent operational environment where the flow of information is automatic and customized to the business needs of the organization. Careful and detailed planning of the integration use cases is critical to the success of this solution, ensuring that requirements are clearly articulated and aligned with both the capabilities of the component systems and organizational goals. Our team brings together specialists with clinical, engineering, technical and operational readiness experience to provide a uniquely comprehensive approach to integration planning.

Construction Administration & Commissioning Support

A comprehensive design is only the beginning; our team of designers and engineers will support clients through construction administration and commissioning to ensure the systems are installed correctly and function the way they were designed. During construction, regular inspections result in fewer delays and minimize the accumulation of project deficiencies, while effective commissioning ensures an efficient and cost-effective operational future. Upon completion of the project, clients can rest assured that their ICT systems will fulfill the design intent and provide operational flexibility and efficiency for years to come.


P3 Procurement & Risk Advisory

Properly designed and constructed ICT infrastructure reduces both overall risk and total cost of ownership for both delivery teams and owners within the P3 (Public-Private Partnership) model. Early planning of systems provides the opportunity for enhanced cost savings, and we are leaders in delivering ICT infrastructure, including communications, electronic security and audiovisual systems for ground-breaking P3 and AFP (alternative finance procurement) projects across Canada. We regularly participate in both PDC (Planning-Design-Compliance) and bid delivery (proponent) teams, providing a unique insight into the project process and stakeholder perspectives.