Tenant Improvements 

HH Angus founded a dedicated and specialized team in 1983 to focus on commercial tenant work in order to address the fast-paced schedule of commercial fitouts. Clients enjoy working with us because we adhere to a few simple rules: respond quickly, provide total client support, deliver solutions with long-term value, and focus on one important goal – ensure the client's peace of mind. 

Tenant Experience

HH Angus’ Tenant Group has a broad portfolio of tenant fitout experience. We’re proud of our contributions to the advancement of systems for office space, and of our cutting-edge designs balanced with sound engineering. Our success is rooted in delivering on our clients’ vision for architectural and interior design.


Our collaborative approach with the larger project team often results in fresh solutions, which create efficiencies in capital cost and project schedule. We bring established, strong relationships with contractors who are able to implement complex design solutions.


Whether we’re working for building owners, developers, designers, property managers or tenants, we understand the need to deliver our designs on an accelerated schedule in order to ensure occupancy takes place as quickly as possible. Our engineers and designers are highly specialized in designing systems for purpose-built spaces.

Codes and Standards

HH Angus staff have been involved in CSA M&E technical standards committees since these were first introduced. This involvement allows us to have some influence on how standards are developed, and keeps us up to date on changes and trends. Insights gained from CSA committee work allow us to understand where we have design flexibility while adhering to established standards.

Sustainable Design

Minimizing the impact that facilities have on the environment is enabled by systems that have a long life, consume less energy, operate efficiently over their range, and provide a healthy and productive environment. Our design options are evaluated in the context of minimizing this impact over the life cycle of the facility, including both capital and operating cost analyses.


Supported by a staff of 250 professionals, your consulting engineering team of tenant fitout specialists brings relevant and recent experience, together with strong project management skills. The engineering team’s design tools for BIM modeling include REVIT, MicroStation and AutoCAD. Our deep REVIT capabilities have resulted in improvements to the software as we work with its creators to enhance functionality. We are also have experience with reality capture, where our team uses 3D image scanning technology to create accurate 3D as-built digital models.


Clients often rely on HH Angus to streamline the procurement process and to compress the delivery schedule by pre-tendering key system infrastructure. By specifying and pre-tendering early in the design process, we can assist clients in meeting tight construction time lines.

Ahead of the Curve

We have a passion for fresh ideas. We approach design from a holistic view, looking at the big picture and applying leading edge technologies backed by proven concepts. Sustainability, reduced operating costs, full flexibility of building services: these design elements require not only equipment but ideas. The commitment, expertise and dedication of our staff make HH Angus your ideal partner to deliver robust, innovative and reliable design.