Borys Parypa

CNE, CCNA, MCSE, Senior Associate

Project Lead, Angus Connect

“When designing IT infrastructure, it’s critical to understand how quickly and constantly technology changes, and to create value for clients by designing with future flexibility in mind.”

Borys Parypa

Borys has 20+ years of experience with hospital IT departments as support, administration and IT management for redevelopment projects. He designs networks and systems based on industry-leading manufacturers of data/voice and healthcare system solutions. Borys gets involved at the beginning of projects via User Group Meetings and throughout the entire process from design, construction, functional testing, commissioning and final sign off on both the compliance side and construction side. He works directly with senior customer project sponsors and end users to develop designs that are cost efficient and effective for both staff and visitors. Borys joined HH Angus in 2009.

Outside the office, Borys has coached youth soccer and volleyball for over 15 years, traveling to tournaments across Ontario, Canada and the United States.