Chris Byczko


Digital Strategy Lead, Angus Connect

“It is exciting how technology can make improvements when designed and implemented well. We are all familiar with the stories of how it can go wrong. I am passionate about working with client to make it go right.”

Chris Byczko

With over 20+ years of experience in Digital Health, Chris brings to the team a wealth of industry experience as a Registered Nurse, Informatician, Project Manager and Management Consultant. At AngusConnect, he works with executives and leadership teams to digitally transform their organizations.

Chris helps to define what the future may look like by developing exciting visions for redevelopment projects, specializing in Smart Hospitals and Smart Campuses. Working with clients, he incorporates fresh ideas and innovations through the exploration of emerging and leading technology to develop exceptional experiences for customers, the workforce and community partners.

Chris applies a deep set of innovative approaches and tools, from design thinking to change management, and packages them in interactive engagement sessions to help clients develop comprehensive digital strategies with implementation roadmaps.

Away from work, Chris enjoys the outdoors with his family – on two legs, two wheels, four wheels and the occasional flight to a far-off destination.