Rick Marsiglio


Senior Manager, Commercial Division

Rick leads the Vertical Transportation Group within HH Angus’ Commercial Division. He has managed a number of major projects in commercial, healthcare and residential facilities for both new construction and equipment alterations. He is also an active voting member of the CSA B44 Elevator Safety Code Technical Committee, a role he has filled for more than 20 years. For new installations, Rick’s responsibilities include: traffic simulations; design coordination with other consulting disciplines; specifications; shop drawing reviews; progress reviews and acceptance reviews. For existing installations, he performs audits to ensure appropriate preventive maintenance is performed and, where alterations are required, makes recommendations on the scope to align with the available budget.  Rick joined HH Angus in 1988.

When not involved with the ups and downs of the VT industry, Rick enjoys golf, do-it-yourself projects, or kicking back and listening to music.