Steve Yilmaz

B.Eng., AT, CanBIM P2, ACP Revit MEP

BIM Leader, Digital Services

“As technology is based on digitalization, so too is the future of the AEC industry based on a digital system with a holistic approach to the design, construction and management of buildings. BIM will connect all parties and solve AEC problems by ensuring efficient processes, low costs, reduced schedules and high quality performance throughout the lifecycle of the building.”

Steve Yilmaz

Steve is responsible for coordinating the model and data requirements of the firm’s major BIM projects. He is highly proficient in updating and revising model data, and has significant experience in reviewing and managing BIM execution plans. Steve has been essential in updating HH Angus’ BIM standards, re-vamping templates and BIM content, as well as modernizing AutoCAD training modules. He is an expert in Revit MEP, with over ten thousand hours logged in the software. He is our primary staff member responsible for external BIM coordination, coaches front-line HH Angus staff in BIM software and processes, and is an expert in multiple software and BIM processes. Steve joined HH Angus in 2013.

In his personal time, Steve enjoys walking or hiking in nature with family and friends. He is also passionate about digital art, which encourages him in open-ended thinking and creativity.