Introducing Michael Murphy, Account Executive – ARMS

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We’re pleased to welcome Michael Murphy as Account Executive for HH Angus’ new service offering, ARMS – Angus Remote Management System.

Mike brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of driving revenue growth and implementing tailored ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solutions. He also has a strong understanding of commercial and institutional real estate through a decade of industry experience and a seven-year tenure at Introba where he served as an Associate and Director of Client Experience.

ARMS is a bespoke SaaS-based technology solution that provides intelligent, simplified, digital solutions for optimizing the performance of real estate assets and improving ROI from building portfolios. A cloud-based platform, ARMS streamlines many of the processes around building performance, metrics, proptech data, building access, HVAC inventory management and asset management. Customizing IoT solutions for facility operations, ARMS provides single pane of glass access to data sets such as room occupancy, space utilization, BAS data, security, health of spaces for occupant comfort - temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, and more.

"I am thrilled to join the HH Angus team and to lead the charge in driving sales and growth for the ARMS software. I’m passionate about delivering unparalleled value to clients through innovative SaaS offerings and look forward to collaborating with our talented Digital Services team to elevate ARMS into a unique service offering in the market."

HH Angus’ Digital Services team is vendor-agnostic and works with any data from any source through a consolidated database to provide meaningful, real-time insights to facilities and property management teams.

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